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EZpaint is the new way to paint!

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In January, I posted a review of EZPaint and am excited to be posting an updated one all these months later. If you've been reading this blog for even the tiniest bit of time, you've likely gathered that Ethan is pretty much obsessed with making art. Our afternoons always involve some music and hours spent making paintings. I wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would Ethan. Still, EZPaint is more than just a set of paint. You know how some parents hide pureed veggies into their kids meals to try to give them the nutrients they should be eating but aren't? EZPaint is a little bit like that. 

The fine motor practice that painting with EZPaint gives is awesome and it's been truly great to watch Ethan's fine motor skills improve just by doing what he loves. When he first started using EZPaint he had some difficulty getting the brushes back into the bottles but now he's basically a pro and has moved onto learning to screw and unscrew the lids.

From a parent standpoint, I love EZPaint because it makes painting, well, easy. There's no need to find brushes or wash them after use. There's no need for any prep whatsoever. EZPaint can be used on any medium (we even painted a pumpkin with ours as well as some sweet wooden Halloween decorations) but -- drumroll please -- they also come with great cards to paint on.

This is such an added bonus when you're in a pinch, dinner is burning on the stove and you need ways to occupy the kids. Or, you know, if you're at the doctor's office or a restaurant -- or at your sister's dance competition for four hours and trying to avoid toddler meltdown (true story). EZPaint is so portable and the cards make it so easy. The designs on the card are cute and fun to paint! When we go out to eat, Ethan is inevitably bored with the children's menu coloring page and accompanying crayons after about five seconds. A pack of EZPaint with a set of cards is infinitely better. It may sound daunting to bring paint to a restaurant, but EZPaint makes it a breeze. Pop an EZ card down at the table, open up a couple of bottles of EZPaint and let your little one at it. Totally trumps the crayons and coloring page every single time.

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