About Us: Our EZ Paint Story

The Problem

I’ve always been a “crafty mom”. With three kids each with lots of friends, I was always looking for creative ways to engage and entertain them. I avoided any painting activity, because, like many moms, I dreaded the process... bringing back life to the hardened brushes, finding paper, filling cups of water I knew were bound to spill, the repetitive reminding to wash off one color off the brush before dipping it into the next color… Not to mention, clearly where they kids could paint was very limited and washable or not it was inevitably my dining room table which usually had to be cleared off first. The kids didn’t sit still long as soon as I got things ready they were grumpy and saying they “didn’t know what to paint”.

The Inspiration

As the daughter of an inventor my mind was shaped to look for solutions to problems and this painting irritation was no exception. My aha! moment came when I was working in my home office. My frustrated response to the nagging painting request was to hand over a bottle of Liquid Wite-Out (I know, chemicals, bad mom) to gain a few moments of peace. The brush inside the bottle meant no water, no mess to clean up and no hardened brushes. I held the idea and began to noodle over it.

In the meantime, my life began to crash around me. My marriage to a successful high-powered attorney disintegrated sadly, into a nightmare that would last 6 years. After all my savings were gone to attorney’s fees, I had to fight my own legal battles in the city’s Supreme Court. Forced to raise 3 kids in NYC with no child support, my kids and I were in financial ruin and I found myself in line for public assistance. My survival was fueled by strength in being positive and creating a sense of normal for Benjamin, Matthew and Lauren. And we painted. A lot. My idea continued to nag at me.

The Courage

Then in 2010 my daughter and youngest, Lauren, was diagnosed with brain cancer. We passed the hours at the hospital for weekly chemotherapy treatments… painting. I got motivated and put together a prototype of my idea and allowed me to bring a joyful palette of colors and a piece of home to that not so happy place.

And so EZ paint was born. It was a diversion in a painful time, but I knew I had to see it through and bring it to life. It gave me hope for brighter days.

In the same time period, my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer which was deemed terminal. I needed him to know I was going to be okay. An inventor himself, I concocted a demo set and brought it to him. He spent the night painting simple designs of flowers, rainbows and sailboats. In the morning, now completely obsessed with the concept, he made me drive him around to check out the competition. That day he cut me a check for seed money, and died two months later.




​Today, hundreds of EZ paint colors clutter our dinner table. Lauren is healthy and my three of my kids play a role in the company. I am passing along my father’s entrepreneur legacy as they learn about production, marketing, and sales. I am so thankful for so many loved ones, friends, strangers and organizations that helped and supported us along the way and am happy to be able to pay it forward through seasonal ez paint promotions in their honor. Thanks for checking out these great organizations.

Camp Echo
Friends of Karen

So here we are staying strong and staying positive. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We hope that you enjoy using EZpaint as much as we do! 
Love & EZpaint,