Instructions: Write a paragraph about your objects, why you chose it and what it means to you. Please use complete sentences and good grammar. 

The object that I chose to represent me is EZPaint. EZPaint is a non-toxic, no spill, washable and all inclusive painting activity. I chose this because it is a product that my mother and I created together in 2010. I chose this to represent me because it’s vibrant and bright like my personality, I am very artistic and enjoy art activities, and it taught me that an idea that I have can actually become reality if you work hard for it. EZPaint is significant to me because we created it while I was going through medical treatment… At that point in time my mom decided this was the right time for us to actually bite the billet and to create EZPaint- an idea she had for a  few years but hadn’t acted on.

What was once just an idea for a paint product was now becoming reality and our newly created paint pack became a tool to distract me while I was getting medical treatment and gave me and my mother something positive to focus on. 

Now, Ezpaint is reaching its 10 year anniversary and it is so exciting to me to see how far it has come and how many people love our no set up, no cleanup, all inclusive painting activity with brushes right inside and cards to paint, and how it makes them happy just like it did for my mom and I when we started. 

Being able to see a product being created and forming a business is something my mother found very important for my siblings and I to learn while creating EzPaint. I am very thankful for the knowledge and the exposure to business production and everything involved that creating EzPaint has given me and taught me. In all, EzPaint is the object that I chose to represent me for its large significance in my life and the positivity and fun it spreads to others who use it.